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Stonehaven Estates HOA - Plano, Texas

Architectural Change Request Form

Avoid fines by ensuring you fill out the Architectural Change Request Form for any item listed under "Stop"

The following Landscape Standards have been developed by the Architectural Control Committee, using input from homeowners and other sources, to provide guidance to members of the Association. The Landscape Standards described below supplement, but in no way replace, language contained in the Governing Documents of the Association. These Landscape Standards have been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, as authorized by Section 5.4 Standards, of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of the Association.
Landscaping must relate to the existing terrain and natural features of the lot. The amount and character of the landscaping must conform to the precedent set in Stonehaven Place South by the builder at the time the community was developed.
1.    All yards visible from the street shall be sod with grass from the home to the back of the street curb, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee.
2.    All unpaved areas of a yard must be sod with grass unless in use as a planter bed, such as was installed by the builder along the front of the residence, or within a tree ring or similar architectural or landscape feature.
3.    The owner of each Lot shall maintain the yards and fences in a sanitary and attractive manner and shall edge the street curbs that run along the property line.
4.    Grass, weeds and vegetation on each Lot must be kept mowed at regular intervals as to maintain the property in a neat and attractive manner. The mowing, trimming and edging of the lot must ensure that the vegetation must not exceed 8” in height at any time on each Lot. No vegetation should be allowed to go to seed.
5.    Landscape plants shall be installed and maintained along the entire front of the home.
6.    Lot owners must keep all doorway and window areas trimmed free of trees, shrubs or any vegetation as to not obstruct or block any entry or egress to doorways or view from windows on the property from the street.
7.    No more than 25% of window areas can be obstructed by branches of trees or shrubs.
8.    House address numbers must remain visible from the street at all times and may not be obstructed from view by any trees, shrubs, vegetation, or structure, such as a trellis, flagpole, sign, or holiday decorations.
9.    Sidewalks, driveways, and pathways must be clear of any plant growth.
10.Plants, shrubs and trees may not obstruct the view of another Lot owner.
11.Plant and tree pruning should consist of the removal of dead, dying, diseased, interfering and objectionable branches or limbs and should be done in accordance with Plano City Code and Guidelines. When pruning plants and trees, care should be taken to trim them shapely and typical of their species.
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